Cognitive Science Summerschool 2008

15-19 September 2008, Volterra, Italy


Early registration: 1st July (registration is closed)

The five-day summerschool on ‘Multi-Sensory Modalities in Cognitive Science’ is jointly organized by the following two FP6 European IST projects:



In the last decade, research on cognitive systems has received increased attention. Inspired by biological systems and their ability to manage complex tasks in an ever-changing environment, researchers have set out to model biological processes. To advance the science of cognitive systems a multi-disciplinary investigation of requirements, design options and trade-offs for human-like, autonomous, integrated, physical (eg. Robot) systems, including requirements for architectures, for forms of representation, for perceptual mechanisms, for learning, planning and reasoning for action and communication are investigated. Information is gathered from different modalities such as vision, audio and speech. A very important aspect is how biological systems can filter out vital information from this vast amount of data through fusion and transfer of knowledge between modalities. To model these processes, researchers have developed architectures, representations, algorithms and sensors to acquire and process data coming from the various sensory modalities.

Download the pdf brochure of the workshop here